Important information to our patients

Cambridge Heart Clinic statement (05.01.2022):

Cambridge Heart Clinic will be continuing all service operations as normal.

The Cambridge Heart Clinic will be designated a GREEN ZONE within the hospital campus, this means we will not be treating any patients suspected of COVID-19.

If you are seeking a private consultation or private treatment, we are taking bookings via our online booking form here or email or contact us on telephone: 01223 857474.

We look forward to welcoming all our patients to the Cambridge Heart Clinic and will continue to work hard to make sure that your stay is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Further note from the Cambridge Heart Clinic Operations Manager:

As we find start the New Year and find ourselves working in an operating environment with continued restrictions, it is timely for us to take some additional actions to reduce the risk of increased infections in hospital, improve patient safety and ensure the protection of all patients and staff by mitigating the risk of spread of Covid-19 in the workplace.

As most of you will be aware by now, the manifestation and presentation of Covid-19 this time around, is very different to what we were faced with before. It requires a different approach, response and planning. It is not readily recognisable at the front door and it is cropping up in patients who do not realise they have it.  It is invisible in asymptomatic patients, staff and visitors.  This creates a different logistical challenge and requires a very different response to keep it at bay and to prevent the virus from affecting our service delivery and closing wards. We are heavily dependent on prevention and protection to reduce the spread across Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Cambridge Heart Clinic.

I cannot express how important infection control practices are and all staff need to be even more stringent than ever before about thinking between patient interactions and being vigilant in just in going about our daily responsibilities.

At the Cambridge Heart Clinic and as a healthcare provider organisation:

  • We need to be the experts and the leading force in managing the response to Covid-19.
  • We need to demonstrate best practice in healthcare and infection prevention and control practices.
  • We need to be ambassadors of health protection and illness prevention.
  • We need to be advocates for patient safety.
  • We need to protect our staff and allow them to be able to do their essential work at the hospital with the least restriction and the lowest risk.

It is no longer surprising, and possibly even now accepted or expected, that when you go to retail outlets, you will have restrictions on access and infection measures in place. I am sure, like me, many of you would now be concerned if such measures were not in place in this way.

At Cambridge Heart Clinic, going into 2022, we need to ensure that we are leading the way and ensuring the highest level of effective response and prevention to minimise the risk and impact on our sites for all the reasons I have outlined above.

Our response will reflect some key, stringent protocol expectations to protect staff and patients on site, minimise the risk of asymptomatic spread of infection and allow us to once again, face into the challenge that lies ahead with confidence and with focus.

We will be:

  • Ensuring all staff who can work from home, do so, so that we can minimise the number of people accessing the site.
  • Patient visiting will be restricted to an absolute minimum for the next 4 weeks and remain under review.
  • Staff entering the Cambridge Heart Clinic will need to have their ID with them at all times.
  • The front doors of Addenbrooke’s Hospital will continue to be supervised to ensure the highest level of infection control measures are taken on arrival and onward into the Cambridge Heart Clinic as well as with staff on exit.
  • Non-staff members may be asked what the purpose of their visit and only essential access will be permitted.

While this may sound restrictive, please note is for everyone’s safety and is really no different to the standard of protection offered by all other non-healthcare organisations. We need to offer the same and more as a healthcare provider.

Please support us in supporting you.

Thank you

Dr Ohri
Registered Manager

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