Heart valves2

Heart valves

You have four heart valves. Each one makes sure your blood flows in one direction in and out of the heart. The mitral valve and tricuspid valve control blood flow from the top chambers of your heart to the lower chambers. The aortic valve and pulmonary valve control blood flow out of your heart. It’s the opening and closing of valves you hear every time you hear your heartbeat.

If a valve can’t open properly, it can restrict how much blood can flow through. If a valve can’t close properly, blood can leak back in the wrong direction. Both problems – a narrowed valve or a leaky valve – put extra pressure on your heart to pump harder, or to pump more blood. Other things can affect your valves too, including infection.

You might experience shortness of breath or tiredness. Or you might not have symptoms at all. Our consultants will help you find the right diagnosis, and the right treatment – whether it’s medicine or a valve replacement procedure.

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